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Car manufacturer, South West of England
Problem :
Contamination of paint finish on car bodies.
Solution : Upgrade oil separator plant & paint filtration vessels Including interconnecting pipe work.
Final evaluation : This successfully completed project, produced a visual result for the Clients needs & a lot of Job satisfaction for AmbrellA.

Cement additive Producer, South Wales
Problem :
Excessive wear on product in feed Plant.
Solution : Change material of construction to a more suitable, harder wearing & longer lasting substance. Produce drawings & new parts required to overhaul & rebuild the Plant.
Final evaluation : This successfully completed project, reduced wear of the plant to a minimum & produced a satisfied Client.

Roof Tile Producer, South of England
Problem :
Corroded steel support work around acid storage Plant & unsatisfactory acid transfer arrangement.

Solution : Build new access platform over banded area. Extensively modify existing acid transfer pipe work.
Solve ongoing corrosion problem by attending to leaks, pacifying steel work &protecting with epoxy resin coating.
Final evaluation : This solution prevented any further decay of the existing plant & extended the life span of thisplant by Years, at a fraction of the replacement costs.

Cheese Packaging Plant, West Wales
Problem :
Contamination of product by air born particles.

Solution : Upgrade Make up Air filtration plant. Install Heppa Air Filtration bank in recirculation system. Modify air handling Plant & monitoring system.
Final evaluation : There is no more air born contamination present at the packaging plant & the new monitoring system in place should prevent any future problems.

Ongoing Project

Oil exploration Drill bit Manufacturer

Recently we assisted in the installation & commissioning of a new Industrial Diamond manufacturing Press

Press “C ”

We also assisted in the re furbishing & upgrading of an existing Industrial Diamond manufacturing Press

Press “A ”

We continuo to support the manufacturer in the improvement & expansion of various facilities such as upgrading gas supplies

to bottle packs & refurbishment of testing laboratories for increased production throughput. This is in line with the clients need for an enlargement of output capacity.

At present the client awaits approval for the refurbishing & upgrading of an existing Industrial Diamond manufacturing Press.

Press “B ”

AmbrellA Engineering has been approached with the preliminary planning for this project, as one of the preferred Suppliers

Update 2005

Ambrella Engineering is pleased to announce a busy and productive 2005.
A highlight in our calendar has been the announcement that for the fourth consecutive year Ambrella Engineering has been invited to work with a major international company in the instillation of a diamond manufacturing press for their factory.
Press D includes an involvement in the building of an overhead grid for services such as hydraulics, compressed air, vacuum lines, power supplies, process inter phase connections, data cabling and CCTV components. Further we are also involved in the planning and instillation of a centralized cooling system to support all existing and new presses.


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